Creative Ways to Combat Out of Control Childcare Costs

The high cost of childcare is one reason many parents decide to stay at home. However, there are times when outside childcare is ideal or the only solution. Unfortunately, the cost of good quality childcare is rising, and parents might be at a loss as to how to afford it. There is hope. Use these […]

Trade in Your Toxic Air Freshener for this Homemade Room Spray

Many store-bought air fresheners contain toxic chemicals, spreading them throughout your home every time you use them. You’ve probably used these products for years, and may be thinking to yourself that you’ve yet to experience any side effects. But did you know that prolonged use can cause serious health problems which you may never attribute […]

How to Make a Rock Garden

A rock garden can be a relaxing and natural oasis in your yard. Whether you’re using large boulders, small pebbles or a variety of rocks, there are many ways to create a beautiful rock garden you will love. Selecting a Location * Soil: As you’re scouting locations, you’ll want to check out the soil and […]

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash for a Family Vacation

Summertime is quickly approaching. This means kids out of school, and family vacations! Unfortunately, those family vacations don’t come cheap! Here are some easy ways you can earn extra cash for a family vacation. Hold a yard sale – Most of us have a few extras in our garage or outbuilding that we can stand […]

Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

The wedding cake is long gone. The happy smiles in the photos are, too. If you’re finding that more of your time is spent trying to avoid your spouse, you may be in an unhealthy marriage. Here are some signs of an unhealthy marriage: Abuse Physical abuse – If your spouse is causing you or […]