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couponing, budgetingCoupon cutting is no longer something people hide or something that only your mom does. Coupon cutting is smart, savvy and a great way to save money. And with the number of coupon sites available online, there’s no excuse not to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on your standard purchases.

It makes sense, because coupons have become such an in-demand item, that there are many online coupon websites. But with so many, it can be tough to know which ones are best and which ones have the coupons you need.

Here are the favorite sites for online coupons, what they have to offer and how they work.

1. – This site offers perhaps the largest listing of supermarket coupons available anywhere. It’s also extremely easy to use. Find your coupon, print it out and you’re good to go. The caveat is that some supermarkets don’t accept online coupons. Check before you go.

2. – Offers a number of retailer coupons and keeps the coupons current. It also organizes coupons in an extremely useful manner. For example, you can browse “popularity.” They also offer a newsletter to help you stay on top of the best deals.

3. – CouponMom rocks and may be the coupon website with the best brand appeal and consumer loyalty. There’s no fluff, just a lot of useful information including a virtual coupon organizer and email alerts on your favorite retailers.

4. – Smart Source taps into your local store sales, including supermarkets, and then offers both online and coupon deals for users to take advantage of. Simply enter your zip code and you’re good to go.

5. – Printable coupons and online codes both, Deal Locker makes coupons and deals easy to find because it organizes items by category. Like Coupon Cabin, they also have a newsletter that will deliver coupons to your inbox each week.

6. Finally, check out The website is a bit cluttered but you’ll find coupons and discount codes for retailers not normally represented by coupons or coupon sites. You can find great deals here and they also offer a mobile application.

These six sites are a great place to start your coupon hunt. Bookmark them or add them to your browser toolbar. Make a habit of visiting your coupon sites before you head to the store; you never know how much money you can save.


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