Trade in Your Toxic Air Freshener for this Homemade Room Spray

Many store-bought air fresheners contain toxic chemicals, spreading them throughout your home every time you use them. You’ve probably used these products for years, and may be thinking to yourself that you’ve yet to experience any side effects. But did you know that prolonged use can cause serious health problems which you may never attribute […]

Remove Carpet Stains with Natural Items Found in Your Cupboards

Many commercial carpet cleaners and fresheners use toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, phenols, pesticides, lye, and phthalates (among others) in their ingredients. Using these products is not only dangerous for the environment and your health, but it can also make your carpet more resistant to cleanings. For example, soaps actually help carpets to collect and […]

Benefits of Honey

Whether you’ve just eaten it or used it for its many uses and benefits, you are likely acquainted with honey. With over three hundred varieties, you could literally never run out of flavor combinations and uses. Honey is produced by honey bees from flower nectar. The bees collect the nectar, break it down into simple […]

How to Make Your Own Green Laundry Soap with Just 5 Ingredients

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it can absorb things we touch or wear. This means that our clothes, sheets, blankets, towels and everything else we wash with most commercial laundry soaps are transferring the toxins from these products into our bodies. “I didn’t know laundry soaps include toxins,” you may […]

Using Vinegar as a Cleaner

Vinegar has long been proclaimed as the superhero of “green” household cleaning products. And for good reason. This stuff is awesome! You can use it in various ways to keep your house sparkling clean and it’s safe to use. My favorite way to use vinegar is to mop with it. I don’t cringe when my […]