Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash for a Family Vacation

Summertime is quickly approaching. This means kids out of school, and family vacations! Unfortunately, those family vacations don’t come cheap! Here are some easy ways you can earn extra cash for a family vacation. Hold a yard sale – Most of us have a few extras in our garage or outbuilding that we can stand […]

Cheap Party Ideas

Everyone loves to attend a good party and with the weather warming up,parties are bound to start springing up. The costs, however, can be a deterrent to throwing one of your own. Throwing a good party does not have to cost an arm and a leg, however. There are several cost-effective ways to throw a […]

Frugal Tips for Seniors

 Getting old is not an easy thing. When you stop working, all you have is the money you’ve saved and set aside for retirement and beyond. To make the best use of that money, here are some frugal tips for seniors to make their dollars work harder. Living to see your golden years demands a […]

Tips for Dealing With Consignment Shops

Why consignment shops are mom’s best friend has been the topic of much debate.  First of all, what are consignment shops?  They sell second-hand items wherein the profit is split between the shop and the person who brought in the merchandise. One of the main factors in utilizing a consignment shop is that if the […]

Living Paycheck to Paycheck? [Infographic]

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? According to this infographic from  careerbuilder.com, 40% of Americans do.