Common Money Mistakes College Students Make

Ah—freedom! The long-awaited escape from childhood and into the world of being an adult. Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad and heading towards your first college dorm is a thrilling adventure. Unfortunately, being an adult brings not only freedom, but a huge amount of responsibility. Don’t screw up by making financial mistakes at the brink […]

Consolidating Medical Debts

It is a fact of life that people get sick. Sometimes we even have to be hospitalized or receive special care. The bills seem to add up quicker than you can blink. If you are faced with medical debt, you need a way out. Unfortunately medical debt can affect your credit. At the time, we […]

Becoming Debt Free … My Biggest Money A-ha!

**This post is but a small part of the huge Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival hosted by Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse. Please head over there and check out the rest of amazing a-ha moments from some great financial bloggers. It’s Financial Literacy Month, and today I’m talking about the most valuable money lesson I […]

Teaching Children How To Save Money

It is never too early to teach your children about the importance of money. Your instruction can help them begin a life of financial responsibility that they can teach to their own children. Managing money teaches responsibility, patience, planning and discipline. These are all character traits that benefit you in other areas of your life […]

Back Taxes – Essential Tips on How to File Late Tax Returns

If you owe taxes and have neglected to file a tax return it’s important to file a late income tax return. Let’s take a look at some of the rules, regulations and tips for filing back taxes. If you’ve yet to file, the sooner you can file, the better off you’ll be. You have two […]