Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

The wedding cake is long gone. The happy smiles in the photos are, too. If you’re finding that more of your time is spent trying to avoid your spouse, you may be in an unhealthy marriage. Here are some signs of an unhealthy marriage: Abuse Physical abuse – If your spouse is causing you or […]

Effective Steps for Managing Anxiety

Have you ever been in a situation that brought on sweats, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath? You probably weren’t having a heart attack but an anxiety attack.  If you suffer from anxiety disorders, learning to manage it is the first step to overcoming it. Anxiety is characterized as extreme reactions to fearful situations.  When […]

Affordable Ways to Pamper Yourself

You work hard, take care of your home and family. It’s time to think about you.  Pampering yourself doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are nine affordable ways to pamper yourself this weekend. Less than $20 #1 Head to the red box or load up on NetFlix movies and give yourself a movie night. […]

April Fool’s Jokes to Play on Your Kids

We’ve seen them all over the years — sugar in the salt-shaker, salt in the sugar bowl, Saran-wrapping the toilet bowl. As a child, I dreaded April 1st. I do NOT do well with pranks. I’m not the best sport about these things, and hated being made to look like a fool. With that said, […]

Seven Ways to be More Productive at Home and Work

We all want to make the most of our time. It seems like time slips by quickly, and often we feel that we have nothing to show for it. No one wants to waste valuable time but often it can be difficult to manage our time wisely. Here are some principles that will help you […]