Easy Ways to Earn Extra Cash for a Family Vacation

family vacationSummertime is quickly approaching. This means kids out of school, and family vacations! Unfortunately, those family vacations don’t come cheap! Here are some easy ways you can earn extra cash for a family vacation.

Hold a yard sale – Most of us have a few extras in our garage or outbuilding that we can stand to let go of. You never know: one man’s stuff gathering dust is another man’s treasure. You could be sitting on a gold mine. If you are a traveling with other family members or friends, hold a joint yard sale at your church or larger venue so that the proceeds benefit everyone.

Count your change – If you really looked, you’d probably find several dollars’ worth of coins around your house. Use piggy banks and empty jars to fill with the change from your pockets each day. Make it a scavenger hunt for the kids. Whoever can find the change gets to keep it in their jar. Each month, cash in the change and place the money in an account just for your vacation.

Create a budget – Budgeting helps us find extra money not just for a vacation but to put towards savings for the future. Cutting out unnecessary expenses can help you eke some money out of your monthly paycheck. To make it a win-win situation, divide the money you find between a household savings account and a vacation one.

Save on insurance – This may be the perfect time to re-examine your insurance policies. For vehicles that are paid off, you can change the policy and drop collision to save money there. Homeowner’s insurance policies can be tweaked to meet your changing needs and to save a little green. There are no shortage of ads and commercials offering incentives to switch insurance companies.

Use the Internet – This is a great place for making money. You can sell items on eBay at auction; begin a blog and include ads to make passive income; get paid for participating in surveys. All of these ideas can bring in extra money towards your vacation fund.

Save birthday money – Don’t let that money burn a hole in your pocket. Add it to your piggy bank for a future vacation. For kids, it can be the money they use to buy souvenirs.

There are ways you can earn extra cash for a well-deserved vacation. Use the above suggestions to get you started.

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