Common Money Mistakes College Students Make

Ah—freedom! The long-awaited escape from childhood and into the world of being an adult. Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad and heading towards your first college dorm is a thrilling adventure. Unfortunately, being an adult brings not only freedom, but a huge amount of responsibility. Don’t screw up by making financial mistakes at the brink […]

How Moms can Make Money Helping other Moms

If it’s one thing moms can do it is stick together. Making life run smoothly with kids, home and career can be a tall order. Communicating with other moms helps to ease the stress. If you are looking for a business venture, why not make money helping moms just like yourself? What will you offer […]

Cheap Party Ideas

Everyone loves to attend a good party and with the weather warming up,parties are bound to start springing up. The costs, however, can be a deterrent to throwing one of your own. Throwing a good party does not have to cost an arm and a leg, however. There are several cost-effective ways to throw a […]

Use Your Words: Teaching Your Child to Communicate

Especially in the very early years, it can be difficult for your child to communicate how he (or she) is feeling. Instead of being able to use words to properly express themselves, children often do a lot of pointing and grunting. And if that doesn’t work, they proceed to throw tantrums. Tantrums might include hitting, […]

Consolidating Medical Debts

It is a fact of life that people get sick. Sometimes we even have to be hospitalized or receive special care. The bills seem to add up quicker than you can blink. If you are faced with medical debt, you need a way out. Unfortunately medical debt can affect your credit. At the time, we […]